EST Congress 2022 – Advancing Translation Studies. Oslo, Norway

EST Congress 2022 – Advancing Translation Studies. Oslo, Norway

As in earlier EST congresses, the 10th EST Congress will mainly be organized around thematic panels. We welcome proposals for papers related to the general conference theme. Papers can adopt various (inter)disciplinary, methodological, conceptual, professional, historical or geographical approaches relating to the concept or experience of the conference theme Advancing Translation Studies. The descriptions of the panels can be found on the congress website ( Please consider submitting your abstract to a panel when there is a thematic relation to what you wish to present.

Abstract Submission

Researchers may submit abstracts for presentations in one of the following formats:

Poster presentations are in a visual format well suited to interaction and discussion. Ideally, poster presentations should make minimal use of written elements in order to
fully utilize the engagement possibilities of this mode of presentation. Poster presentations are not linked to any specific panel.

Paper presentations would comprise a presentation of 30 minutes in total, 20 minutes for presenting and 10 minutes for discussion. Papers can be submitted as part
of a particular panel or as an individual presentation. Submissions to panels are highly encouraged.

A proposal should consist of name and affiliation of the paper/poster presenter(s), a title, a general description of approx. 350 words, and an essential bibliography (max. 5 publications).
Please send proposals by October 15, 2021 using the following online form:

Notification of panel acceptance will be given by December 20, 2021.


For more information: EST webpage.

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