Start 4chan online dating prank

4chan online dating prank

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A local Boston radio station had created the competition but terminated it after suspicion of foul play via some online pranksters who were intent on making a mockery of the contest and the 23-year-old star’s many devoted followers.

encouraged fans to ‘vote for a contestant by visiting their unique link daily (every 24 hours)’, which would of course boost traffic on the site but was also, inadvertently, an invitation to spammers.

The Internet as we know it has only existed for about 20 years, but in that time, it has dramatically changed our world.

Amid the technological and communication advancements, new opportunities to scam, fool, and have a little fun have also arisen.

You don’t an Internet connection to fool someone or pull a prank, but it seems to help. In 2001, this image appeared on the Internet and captivated the masses of naive new Internet users.

It was passed around via email, along with the claim that it was National Geographic’s “Photo of the Year.” The image is a composite of two separate images—one of a helicopter performing a training maneuver in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and an image of a great white shark taken in South Africa.

Once the myth was debunked, it was featured in multiple psychology and marketing texts and even National Geographic itself.


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