We welcome you to techLING2021-UVigo-T&P

A full Conference held completely online

6th International Conference on Language, Linguistics, and Technology

The techLING2021-UVigo-T&P Conference is an international scientific event dedicated to the existing synergies between languages and their scientifical knowledge, to linguistics and the new digital technologies, with a particular focus on the impact of technological tools in the field of translation and interpretation, as well as language teaching and processing. It is aimed at master’s degree students and graduates, researchers, and professors from the areas of translation-applied linguistics, teaching, and language technology: foreign languages professors, professional translators, interpreters, reviewers, proofreaders, post-editors, subtitlers, dubbers, terminologists, and lexicographers, as well as businesspeople interested in linguistics and international communication.

In 2021, the sixth edition of the International Conference on Language, Linguistics and Technology will be organized by the Translation & Paratranslation (T&P) Research Group of the University of Vigo and it will be held completely online, from 15 December to 17 December, 2021. We invite you to participate in the sessions that will take place during those three days. Click here for more information on how to participate in the Conference.

Papers’s Publication

Publication as book chapter

Any communication positively rated by blind couples from the Scientific Committee will be published as a book chapter by a foreign publisher indexed in
SPI (Ránking: Scholarly Publishers Indicators) con Cuartil Q1