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Economy Applied to Translation

(Prof.ª Pablo de Carlos Villamarín)

As a result of globalisation, companies, which are the main actors of the market economy, compete in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment which, among other things, forces them to give an international dimension to their activities. In this scenario, the possibility of growing and even surviving depends largely on the way in which they direct and manage their internationalization strategy. The main objective of this subject is to familiarise future professionals in sworn translation and interpreting with the main processes and dynamics that characterize international business. To this end, we will begin with a basic characterization of the flows of activity in a market economy, highlighting the role played by companies in these flows. This will be followed by a presentation of the general and specific environment in which the company carries out its activities. Finally, basic aspects of the internationalisation process will be addressed, focusing on the multinational firm and the offshoring business activities.