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Tradución especializada económico-comercial: Alemán-Galego-Alemán / Alemán-Español-Alemán

(Prof.ª Jessica Gregori Sendra)

Technological innovation in the industrial field – whether in a more specialized area, such as large-scale construction machinery or process automation, in one closer to the private consumer, such as automotive or household appliances – remains one of the strengths of companies headquartered in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. The demand for these products from companies all over the world is continuing – and in the most exclusive sectors it is rising sharply – and companies are opting for the Made in Germany brand as well as for technologies whose development and production are almost exclusively in the hands of these manufacturers. The business relationship that arises in this environment of supply and demand generate a whole series of documents ranging from the technical documentation itself to other documents of a legal (contracts, conditions of sale, transport insurance) and commercial (correspondence, quotations, etc.) nature. The aim of this subject is for students to acquire the necessary competences to translate with communicative accuracy and expressive correctness the different types of economic and commercial documents that are generated in the process of buying and selling. To this end, an introductory part of a theoretical nature will begin with a presentation of the economic systems of the German-speaking countries and the bilateral commercial relations established between these countries and the Galician and Spanish-speaking regions. To lay the foundations for the subsequent translation work, a section will be devoted to the terminology and phraseology of this field and to the documentary resources and terminology creation strategies available. The analysis and translation of economic-commercial documents is the focus of the subject and will be approached from the paradigm of textual typology. Finally, a simulation of the buying and selling process will be included in which the elements studied in the previous sections will be put into practice in an integrated manner.