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Tradución especializada económico-comercial: Portugués-Galego-Portugués / Portugués-Español-Portugués

(Prof.ª Silvia Capón Sánchez)

In a context of increasing economic activity in the European Union, the profession of the translator became a crucial element for the establishment and spread of companies, driving success in various economic areas. Since 2016, with the international expansion of companies, especially between Spain and Portugal, there has been a notable increase in commercial activities, investments, and lucrative operations. Trade exchanges between Spain, Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique also grew since 2013-2014, with Spain standing out as a relevant supplier for Brazil.

Commercial and economic translation between Portuguese, Spanish and Galician is a valuable tool for translators who wish to build a solid career, facilitating communication in an immediate economic and cultural space and across borders. This translation goes beyond the equivalence of technical terms, requiring cultural understanding and adaptation to different business contexts.

This subject proposes a commercial journey through three continents, focusing on Europe, America, and Africa, taking advantage of the global presence of Portuguese. It highlights the importance of translation in the vast exchange of goods between Spain and Portugal, pointing to the opportunities that this niche market offers translators. Classes will be taught in Portuguese, offering resources for quality work and understanding of commercial and business texts. Students will create texts and carry out activities to develop expertise and understanding of the linguistic conventions specific to the field.

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