Acceso a las guías docentes en gallego

 Acceso a las guías docentes en castellano


Legal-Administrative Translation: Portuguese – Galician – Portuguese / Portuguese – Spanish - Portuguese

(Prof.ª Salvador Mourelo)

Legal and administrative texts are usually characterized by a complex language, not only on a lexical or syntactical level, but also due to the use of legal rhetoric often bombastic and obscure.

However, when translating these types of texts, the biggest challenge may be the lack of equivalencies among the different legal systems, given that the legal concepts are specifically linked to their legal and administrative system. It is thus proven essential the knowledge of the origin and target administrative and legal systems to find solutions that allow to compensate the lack of equivalencies.

The different types of texts and topics, but also the role played by the translated text and the importance of the recipient, are aspects that are also addressed in this subject.

Finally, we will present the figure of the sworn translator, particularly in Spain, as well as the qualification process in Spain and its tests.

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