Acceso a las guías docentes en gallego

 Acceso a las guías docentes en castellano



Legal-Administrative Translation: French – Galician – French / French – Spanish - French

(Prof.ª Xoán Garrido Vilariño)

The person that translates in the administrative and judicial spheres acts within the fiction that their choice of translation is free, although it is clear to them that there is no knowledge that is completely devoid of power relations. And these are organized in local, regional, state, and supra-state territorial political institutions that dictate rules to regulate the coexistence of citizens. Thus, laws are conceived and drafted in a single language in each of the above-mentioned institutions, but the multilingual context of Western democratic societies impose the legal fiction that all translations intended to be incorporated into the legal systems of each territorial organization must be considered original language. Hence the need to feel free of the person who translates in order to overcome the coercion of customs, norms and protocols imposed by power and to be aware that they do not translate, but paratranslate.

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