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  • Module A: enrol on the 4 mandatory subjects (24 ECTS credits)
  • Modules B1 and B2: choose a minimum of 5 subjects (30 ECTS credits) from either one of the two modules.
  • Module C (master's thesis): 6 ECTS credits

Clic here to see each module's subjects.

For a maximum of two academic years.

To the Students Office at the Philology and Translation Faculty (FFT) of the University of Vigo.
E-mail: / Phone numbers: 986 130 220 / 986 130 221

A minimum of 18 ECTS and a maximum of 47 ECTS.

At the time of enrollment, by filling out Annex IV 'Application for part-time enrollment'.

All you need to know about documents and requirements to enroll (academic calendar, deadlines, forms, prices, grants, and exemptions) can be easily found on the University of Vigo website.

  • Hold a Spanish university degree
  • Hold a European or foreign university degree. 
  1. Degrees in Translation and Interpreting.
  2. Degrees in Foreign Languages, Language Sciences, or any Philology.
  3. Degrees in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Fine Arts, Information Sciences, Labour Sciences, Political and Administration Science, Political Science and Sociology, Audiovisual Communication, Law, Documentation, Economy, East Asia Studies, Journalism, German Philology, French Philology, Galician Philology, Hispanic Philology, English Philology, Portuguese Philology, other Philologies, Linguistics, Literary Theory, and Comparative Literature, Advertising, Public Relations, Humanities, Tourism, Business Administration, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Art History, Public Administration and Business Management, Finance and Accounting, Medicine, Geography, Labor Relations, Social Work, Business Sciences.

If this applies to you, you must know:

  • That you don't need to validate it
  • that the university will previously check:

 – that these degrees certify a level of education equivalent to their corresponding Spanish degrees. 

 – that, in the issuing country, these degrees authorize access to postgraduate studies. 

You must bear in mind that the Master's Academic Commission (MAC) could:

  • ask you to certify or justify in any way your basic knowledge in Translation studies.
  • assess, at any time, your actual language skills in the chosen foreign language through a private video call. In the case of foreign students, their skills in Spanish will be assessed.