The tutor needs a reasonable amount of time to review and grant final approval to the Master's thesis deposit. Below, you can find a "proposed" schedule with approximate dates that you can use during your Master's thesis work sessions. You can agree on different timelines, but the crucial deadlines are May 15th for the first submission and June 15th for the second.

Download the following Word (trilingual file GL-ES-EN): MTCI tutoring schedule

ESSENTIAL requirement to enrol:

In order to enrol in the master's thesis, you must be enrolled and have passed the number of subjects required to complete the syllabus.

When can I submit my thesis?

In the same call in which you are defending your thesis, which will be established by the Master's Academic Commission (MAC).

If you haven't submitted your thesis in any of the calls for enrolment of the academic year, you will have to enrol again.

Which procedures are needed?

The steps to correctly submit your master’s Thesis are as follows:

1.- Verify that you have passed all the subjects.

2.- Check the submission dates on the master’s Thesis official calendar for the current academic year (see above).

3.- Upload your TFM_final version on the enabled file on Moovi to pass it through the plagiarism software Turnitin.

4.- Once you have been authorized by the tutor of your thesis and have your Turnitin report, you will be able to request the master’s thesis defense on the virtual secretary

6.- Set a date for the public defense of the master’s thesis with the tutor.

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Can other people take part in my thesis?

While the thesis is an individual task, other people can be involved in order to achieve a wider approach to the topic. In this case, bear in mind that:

• Each member must carry out a different task inside the global project.
• The Master's Academic Comission (MAC) must authorize this modality.
• Students working on the same thesis will have the same tutor and, possibly, the same assessment jury. • The presentation, defense, and assessment will be carried out individually.

  • In advance, fill and sign the Formulario_TFM03-04 with the date, time and place of the public defense. Upload it to the Moovi space named Formulario_TFM_03-_4 and send it to IMPORTANT: name the file with the tutor's last names.
  • Fill in the Google Form that can be found on Moovi under the title TFM Thesis Defense Form.

Fill and sign the following forms:


Email them to: and upload them to the space enabled on Moovi named Qualification Report + Supplementary Report. IMPORTANT: the name of the files must contain the two surnames of the tutor.

Theses defended in previous years

Check out the list of presented and defended theses to this day:

Dates, times, and places of previous defenses
Did you know...

that the MTCI is the first and only master's degree at the University of Vigo that collaborates with the Terminology Coordination Unit, of the Directorate-General for Translation at the European Parliament?

The Master's theses on terminology carried out by our students are within the framework of the  IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe) university projects, the terminological database for all institutions of the European Union.

In the 2017-18 academic year, a MTCI Thesis on Terminology was initiated at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Union, under the IATE Project titled European Arrest Warrant directed by Professor Maribel Del Pozo Triviño.

Análisis de la terminología sobre la Orden de Detención y Entrega (inglés-español) is the title of the MTCI thesis presented in July 2018 by the student Lía García Vila.