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Tradución especializada económico-comercial: Francés-Galego-Francés / Francés-Español-Francés.

(Prof. Emmanuel Claude Bourgoin Vergondy)

The subject Economic-Commercial Translation: French – Galician – French / French – Spanish – French aims to delve into specialized translation of economic texts, broadening the knowledge acquired at the bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting. The subject focuses on the acquisition of technical vocabulary related to economy and commerce, including the drafting of lexicons, glossaries, and databases. Individual companies are studied as well as the different forms of partnerships that exist in France, Switzerland, and Spain, analyzing their structure, organization charts and bylaws. Furthermore, it delves into commercial and financial management and other departments such as Human Resources and production. The commercial correspondence and writing commercial and administrative documents are essential as well. Finally, this subject delves into sworn translation of trade contracts, company bylaws, institutional texts and sales contracts, providing practical tools for a correct translation.