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Terminology in Translation

(Lecturer Iolanda Galanes Santos e Prof.ª Áurea Fernández Rodríguez)

Terminology management is a key element for the professional development of translation and interpreting. Terminology is present in all activities related to specialized knowledge. Thanks to terminological units, specialists and linguistic mediators represent and transfer this specialized knowledge to other specialists or to a public that wishes to acquire it in a precise, concise, and systematic way.

In this subject, through research and specific cases, selected for this purpose and in collaboration with the project coordinated by the lecturer Galanes at the UVigo, Terminology without borders of TermCoord (UE) and with those of the Panlatina Network of Terminology Realiter, we will practice a terminology research methodology for specialised translation. Terminology research strategies and protocol are also proposed, and in a transversal way, skills are acquired for research, for the drafting of support corpora and official terminology projects for translation and interpreting.