Master’s Degree in Translation for International Communication (MTCI)

Awarded with the recognition of excellence by the Xunta de Galicia

The first edition of the Master’s Degree in Translation for International Communication (MTCI, in its Spanish acronym) of the Universidade de Vigo was launched during the 2013-2014 academic year. This specialized, blended learning post-graduate degree aims to provide the students with a set of holistic skills that will allow them to face the thresholds of their professional future with solvency and security.

It is mandatory, since it provides the basic methodological tools required for the following modules.

“Translation for International Communication”

It is optional.

“Translation for International Commerce”

It is optional.

  • Translators and Interpreters for international commerce:
    • Imports/Exports Managers for national or international companies
    • Foreign Trade Technicians
    • Development Analysis Manager
  • Translators and Interpreters for:
    • audiovisual and multimedia communication
    • health sector
    • education sector
    • justice sector

of intercultural, multicultural and transcultural mediation. 

  • Research. The MTCI also provides tools for students who are interested in research, so they may continue their studies by pursuing a PhD.

Quality indicators

The “Axencia para a Calidade do Sistema Universitario de Galicia” (Agency for the Quality of the Galician University System, or ACSUG, in its Spanish acronym) offered highly positive reviews, noting the “high demand for enrollment, which has always met the minimum required and is in constant rise”.

0% dropout rate

Rankings of the Universidade de Vigo

Department of Humanities 

First place


Sixth place (out of 63)