International Doctorate in Translation & Paratranslation Program (T&P)

The Doctorate in Translation and Paratranslation is the only Doctoral Program in translation and interpreting in the entire Galicia-Portugal Euroregion. This degree is officially credited and meets all the quality requirements stated by the current legislation.

It is a complete third-cycle training that provides a response to the demand of students who have completed their master’s degree studies, mostly from the degree in Translation and Interpreting. 

Born during the 2004-2005 academic year, the T&P Doctorate was the first online International Doctorate Program in the Universidade de Vigo. Currently, it is up to date with the legislation established by the Royal-Decree 99/2011 of 28 January, which regulates all official doctoral education.


With its blended learning model, our international doctorate allows our students to have in-person classes or an entire distance learning course, as well as undertaking genuine training experiences in the Social Sciences and Humanities fields. 

At the T&P Research Group we offer a balanced set of theoretical and practical content aimed both towards research, as well as training students for the professional exercise of translation and interpreting. The wide array of theses that have been defended by our students is a scientific testimony to the research effort made so far.


The T&P Doctorate is the answer to the theoretical and methodological shift experienced in the last decade in the scientific area of Translation and Interpreting, offering theoretical contents derived from different phases of description, study, and analysis of the current socio-professional realities that emerged from the digital era. This, in principle, guarantees a continuity between theory and practice.

Institutional agreements

The T&P Doctorate offers cutting-edge models and protocols for professional internships via agreements with the professional, corporate, and institutional sectors that collaborate with the R+D+i projects of the T&P Research Group. Their aim is to provide an answer to existing needs in the areas of Information Technology, Tourism, and Advertising, as well as the needs of Culture Industries and, of course, of the Scientific Dissemination of Knowledge. 

The Doctorate in Translation & Paratranslation (T&P) focuses on investigating the fundamental role of translation and interpreting practices for the development of any culture and their ability to change throughout history.

Philosophy and Translation

Image and Translation

Literature and Translation

Linguistics and Translation

Memory and translation

Migration and Translation

Métissage identity and Translation

Anthropology and Translation 

Screen and translation

Strategic Areas of Translation

More about T&P

As an example of the latter, we could mention the following Web-TV programs dedicated to the scientific dissemination of the world of translation and interpreting: Zig-Zag, Exit, and T&P pills. The aim of these online TV programs of the T&P Research Group is to support training and value basic research, development, and innovation, as well as aiding in a productive transfer of knowledge.