Title of the Thesis: The Return to Portugal: Paratranslating the Space ‘In-Between’ the Local Inhabitant and the “Brasileiro” in the Portuguese Town of Fafe.

Candidate: Luisa Langford Correia dos Santos 

Supervisors: Alberto Álvarez Lugrís, PhD & Anxo Fernández Ocampo, PhD

Venue: Hall #2 Miralles Building, University of Vigo.

December, 16th 2011, 11:00 h


Biographical Sketch of the Candidate

Luisa Langford Correia dos Santos teaches Translation and Interpreting at Porto’s ISCAP (Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto) in the Degree on Administrative Assistance Translation. She holds a Master Degree on English Language, Literature and Culture (Universidade do Minho). Ms Langford has worked as a freelance interpreter and as a translator of literary and technical texts.

Since the year 2007 when she enlisted in the Translation and Paratranslation Doctoral Programme, Ms Langford has actively colaborated with the Research Group T&P, preparing for instance T&P 2008 fieldwork outing to the Portuguese town of Fafe. From this observation of the various paratranslating views of urban space the present thesis was developed. In the sessions of the II Vigo International Colloquium on Paratranslation. Second Session, Ms Langford presented the paper entitled «Paratranslation of the urban space in Fafe II – An example of micro-cosmopolitanism». At the VI Congresso Nacional da Associação Portuguesa de Literatura Comparada (APLC), she presented the paper «Brief Comparative Analysis of Si questo è un Uomo, by Primo Levi and Athens – Auschwitz, by Errikos Sevillias». It should also be mentioned that Ms Langford was one of the PhD candidates selected to participate in a special research panel on Translation and Paratranslation at the VII International Translation Conference: Paratextual Elements in Translation, together with 9 other papers under the direction of José Yuste Frías; she presented the paper «Paratranslation of the urban space: a walk in the Portuguese town of Fafe»

Members of the International Jury

President: Dr. Rui Carvalho Homem, Professor of English at the Department of Anglo-American Studies, University of Oporto, Portugal

Secretary: Dr. José Yuste Frías, full-time lecturer at the University of Vigo and director of the Research Group T&P.

Members: Dr. Vitor Rui Gomes Teixeira, full-time lecturer at the Portuguese Catholic University, Porto Region, Portugal. Dr. Brian Lambkin, Director, Centre for Migration Studies at the Ulster-American Folk Park, Omagh, Northern Ireland. Dr. Xoán Manuel Garrido Vilariño, associate lecturer at the University of Vigo and member of the Research Group T&P.

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