Lorena Abreu López holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Vigo, a Master's degree in Innovation and Process Optimization from the University of Vigo, and she is a European R&D Project Manager at CIS Galicia and a National and European R&D&I Project Manager at FEUGA, in addition to having training as an international aid worker.

Her first professional experience focused on operational consulting at an international company of Japanese origin, specializing in the implementation of continuous improvement projects (Lean Manufacturing or Kaizen) in companies across various sectors.

She later specialized in project management and worked as an R&D manager in the REDE research group at the University of Vigo and as a project management technician for international projects funded under European research and innovation programs such as “Horizon 2020,” “Interreg,” and “SUDOE” for over 4 years at a leading Technology Center in Galicia, supporting collaboration consortia of more than 10-15 partners and budgets of several million euros.

Currently, she coordinates an International Trade Consortium as the Erasmus coordinator at IES Ribeira do Louro, with a high number of mobilities to countries within and outside the European Union. Implementing these programs allows her to acquire extensive knowledge of the culture and economic reality of a significant number of countries, both within the European Union and in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.


She has been teaching as a tenured professor at IES Ribeira do Louro in the Advanced Level Vocational Training Program for International Trade since 2021, and previously at IES A Guía and IES Ricardo Mella, in the Advanced Level Programs for Transport and Logistics, Sales Management, Marketing and Advertising, and Business Administration and Management. 

Prior to her exclusive dedication to secondary education, since 2009 she has combined her professional career with teaching, first as a consultant, then as a guest lecturer in the Master's in Innovation and Process Optimization at UVIGO, and later as a guest lecturer at the Business School of the University of Vigo, teaching subjects such as Business Administration and Foreign Trade. Alongside teaching, she has experience in companies with international import and export activities, being in charge of risk analysis in international trade transactions.

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