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The Translation and Paratranslation Doctoral Program offers 10 places each year.


Admission Requirements:

Advanced level knowledge (C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) of at least two foreign languages is a minimum admission requirement, as well as an academic or professional profile suitable for D_T&P. Candidates should give proof of both requirements by submitting the relevant documents or through a personal interview in case the Academic Commission of the Doctoral Program T&P (CAPD_T&P) deems it necessary. In order to assess the suitability of applicants, the following factors will be considered: adequacy of the academic record to the profile of the Doctoral Program, professional experience, relevant translations done by the candidate, scientific publications, other relevant postgraduate programs.

Two priority groups will be considered:

  1. Candidates with a master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting.
  2. Candidates with a master’s degree in: Social and Cultural Anthropology, Arts, Information Science, Work Science, Political and Administration Science, Political Science and Sociology, Audiovisual Communication, Law, Documentation, Economy, East Asia Studies, Journalism, German Philology, French Philology, Galician Philology, Hispanic Philology, English Philology, Portuguese Philology, other Philologies, Linguistics, Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Advertising, Public Relations, Humanities, Tourism, Business and Management, Philosophy, History, Sociology, History of Art, Public Administration and Management, Finance and Accounting, Medicine, Geography, Labor Relations, Social Work, Business Science.

Candidates must  provide documented proof of 300 credits of official university training: BA, Bachelor’s Degree, Licenciatura or Degree + MA.

IMPORTANT. Candidates must submit a letter of agreement for supervision signed by one of the members of the doctoral program. In case the potential supervisor of the PhD Thesis does not belong to the Doctoral Program on Translation and Paratranslation, they must also provide evidence of complying with the requirements of the Doctoral Studies Regulations of the University of Vigo (Article 10. Supervision of PhD). This letter of agreement will only have effect in case the applicant is accepted to the program, but it is not a guarantee o admission.



Year 2023-24

Final list of accepted candidates

September session:

  1. Alonso Valcarce, Jaime
  2. Álvarez Graña, Iago
  3. Díaz Blanco, Patricia
  4. Docampo Pardavila, María
  5. Gómez López, Elisa
  6. Iglesias Pérez, Ana
  7. López Figueiras, Alma
  8. Martínez Patón, Cristina
  9. Martins dos Santos Arada, Nuno Miguel
  10. Miranda Rodas, María Blanca
  11. Pérez Nicasio, María Rebeca
  12. Valle García, Elena
  13. Vasconcelos Pinto, Liliana Patrícia

Enrollment: 1st-7th October.