Ramón Méndez (Ourense, 1983) has a PhD on Translation & Paratranslation of Video Games. He’s been working in the video game industry since 2003, where he works as a journalist in many important magazines and radio programs (MeriStation, Manual, GamesTribune, Edge, Radio Marca, etc.). He also works as a translator and interpreter for several important video game companies. In 2009 he started working as a video game localizer and has worked in the Spanish localization of more than 1000 games, such as Elden Ring, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Cuphead or Hitman III, among many others. He has published several dozens of academic papers and is the author of several books, all of them about video game culture and localization. He has more than 30 awards and nominations, both for his job as a translator and as a journalist.


He started his career as University teacher in the year 2009, at University of Alicante’s Experto en Diseño y Creación de Videojuegos (until 2016). In 2011/2012, he was a teacher for the Department of Translation and Linguistics of the University of Vigo. In 2014/2015, he was an adjunct professor at the Department of English Philology of the University of Alicante. Since 2018, he’s been working as an adjunct professor in the Department of Translation and Linguistics of the University of Vigo. Since 2013, he’s been a teacher in the Master’s Degree in Translation For International Communication (awarded with the recognition of excellence by the Xunta de Galicia), as well as the PhD program Translation & Paratranslation since 2019. He’s also a co-director and main teacher of the Degree in Specialist in Translation for the Videogame Industry (ETIV). During these years, he also collaborated with other universities, such as the University of Granada or the Intercontinental University of Mexico.


His investigation fields are mainly focused on video game localization in every possible aspect. He also investigates comic translation and audiovisual translation. Overall, since he got his PhD in 2012, he has published more than 20 articles in important magazines, as well as more than a dozen book chapters. He’s also the author of the books Localización de videojuegos: Fundamentos traductológicos innovadores para nuevas prácticas profesionales and La interpretación en el ámbito de los videojuegos, as well as the co-author of Videojuegos y [para]traducción: aproximación a la práctica localizadora (with José Ramón Calvo-Ferrer). He’s the co-editor of the books Nuevas voces investigadoras en el ámbito de la localización de videojuegos (with Alba Calvo), Realidades y desafíos de la tecnología aplicada a la traducción e interpretación (with Sara María Torres-Outón) and Traducción & Paratraducción II (with Emmanuel Bourgoin-Vergondy).

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